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    A high-mountain spring water, unique in all of nature.


    “Bonneval, the water, has been available for over 2,000 years. Bonneval, the brand, more recently – since 2017 – when we realized it was time for a change in the nature of bottled waters.

    Probably like you, we had tried them all. (Most, anyway.) A few of the premium waterswere exceptional – our Bonneval, even more so, in purity, healthy minerals and taste.But what struck us most, was a general disregard for what we call ‘the bottled-water ecosystem.’

    Instead, we discovered bottled-water brands with less-than-tap-water quality. Inpackaging: the use of unrecycled and unrecyclable plastics. In distribution: the unmitigated impact of transportation, distribution and the resulting carbon emissions.

    Water is the source of life. It’s also the source of health. And – to us – none of that sounded healthful. So, we decided to make a difference by making a change. Changes, actually.

    At Bonneval, we’re changing the bottled-water ecosystem with innovative packaging and distribution solutions that are also sustainable. Our respect for the environment – and our dedication to it – eclipse all financial or industrial considerations. It’s a cause and a commitment that reflects who we are as individuals.

    Jean has a life-long passion for pure mineral water as the only natural consumer product that’s free from pollution and treatments – and actually good for your health. David, meanwhile, has a strong, naturalist’s bond with the earth, its elements and the rugged-wild Savoy region where Bonneval springs forth.

    As the founders of the Bonneval brand – and caretakers of its pristine source – we’re delighted to introduce you to Bonneval natural spring water: Thousands of years old, pure, clean, crisp – a testament to a storied history of healthfulness not just from, but of nature.”
    Jean Moueix and David Merle, founders of Bonneval


    Jean Moueix and David Merle, founders of Bonneval